Your Recovery Journey, is based on the experiences of people who have a mental illness and who know there is hope, who are well and doing the things they want with their lives.

The program offers five free interactive weekly sessions, each ninety minutes long, and all facilitated by people in recovery who can give you valuable information that will help you on your recovery journey. You'll also learn how to find peer support and build new life skills.

The program is designed for any person with mental illness who would like to find support and explore different aspects of recovery.  Using a variety of formats, including presentation, interactive exercises, and structured activities, the program guides participants towards their goals of establishing and maintaining wellness.

Who can participate?

The program is for all people who have had experience with mental illness, regardless of their diagnosis or their stage of recovery.  Different mental illnesses have different symptoms, courses of illness, and treatments - but the recovery journey cuts across all of these.

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​​​​​​Who are the leaders?

The program is designed to be facilitated or co-facilitated by people who themselves have experience with mental illness and have also experienced recovery in their own lives.  This "hope in action" approach is a fundamental principle of the program.

What is covered?

This program aims to increase your ability to meet your personal recovery goals by:

  • exploring the many aspects of recovery​

  • sharing knowledge and tools that will help you take responsibility for your wellness and stability.

  • introducing a variety of self-help techniques so you can manage and reduce symptoms

  • learning to use medication effectively

  • planning your recovery journey

  • finding effective ways to reach out for and use the support of family members, friends, and service providers

Where is it offered?

The program material for Your Recovery Journey is available through the Schizophrenia Society of Canada but its use is not limited to SSC affiliates.  We welcome mental health partners such as early-intervention clinics, in-patient and out-patient programs, PACT teams and self-help organizations to offer the program and use the materials we've provided. (SSC;

What does it cost?

Your Recovery Journey is free for people who experience mental illness.  You do not need to be a member of the Schizophrenia Society to participate in the program. Come learn more about recovery and how you can live beyond mental illness!